On-Track’s Industry Experience

Designers, Manufacturers, Contractors of Specialized Railway Material Handling Machinery and Equipment.

OTRX21 – Highway-Drivable Locomotive

On-Track Railway Operations Ltd. is an Alberta based company whose principals’ expertise spans six decades. On-Track is an accomplished designer, manufacturer, supplier and contractor of railway material handling systems and services. Our recognized experience within the railway industry has allowed us to accurately identify, develop, and patent unprecedented equipment for railways and industry affiliates. Our first project was with Canadian National Railways in 1978 when Ken Massé developed the first process for wood tie rehabilitation for ties generated from the P8-11 concrete tie program.

Over the years, it became apparent there is a growing need to develop new machinery and equipment to meet the rigorous demands of contract service. On-Track develops machinery to provide contract services tailored to meet specific needs. We have a reputation for being an entrepreneurial company in the highly specialized “maintenance of way” field. On-Track contracts, invents, develops, and perfects specialized equipment needed for its operations, but most importantly; searches for unique business opportunities in railway services and recovery. As a result, we at On-Track are industry known for demonstrating improved concepts in all areas of railway material handling.