Rail Car Storage

On-Track is strategically located on CN Rail’s Coronado Subdivision in close proximity to the City of Edmonton and CN’s Walker Yard.

We are registered as a strategic rail car storage partner with CN Rail. With a track capacity to store in excess of 300 cars and our fleet of locomotives and car movers, we are able to respond to your short and long-term storage needs safely and efficiently.

Service is daily and our crews and equipment are always ready to respond. Convenience for the customer is top priority as we have north and south switches and ensure all airlines are hooked up and ready before pickup.

With the construction of additional trackage and the acquisition of additional switching locomotives we are increasing our capacity to serve you better.

Other services we offer include Rail Car Cleaning and Transloading. Our site is also accessible to contractors for railcar repair and maintenance services or inspections.

For more information or to inquire about availability and pricing please call 1-888-973-6003.

Find out more about our Transloading here.