Excavators / Loaders / Grinders


Short gondola cars or high sided cars, our excavators are equipped with specialized attachments, allowing the handling of scrap ties to be efficiently mastered in short order. Excavators with Jib Boom equipped with magnet, grapple, clamshell or bucket. We also have a Hi-Rail rubber tired excavator metal shear, grapple, magnet and brush cutter.

Long Legs Excavator

For off-loading open top railcars, be it ballast, ties or other material, you can’t beat “long legs” for the job. Long Legs can travel over top and along a string of rail cars for fast and efficient off-loading or reloading. Grapple or bucket attachment.

Front End Loader

Attachments include blade, bucket and forks.

Belt Loader

Athey belt loader for ballast recovery.


On-Track’s Tie Grinder makes quick work of wood ties suitable for Co-Generation Biomass Burning. With On-Track’s Tie Grinder, there’s no slowing down production to sort or remove unwanted plates, spikes or other metal.