Coming into Spring

It’s that time of year, where the weather can change quite rapidly. Days can warm nicely and bring a bone chilling cold at night. As we’ve all experienced, especially in Alberta, a fifteen to twenty degree temperature change in 24 hours is not uncommon.

With the weather acting this way cautions have to be taken. Warm days can bring rain and melt the snow, at night the melt freezes and turns roads into skating rinks. It is always a good idea to check the forecast on a regular basis to ensure you are prepared for these conditions. After a melt freeze, allow yourself more time to travel to your destination and slow down in bad conditions. Prepare your vehicle for your trip as well. Be sure to check your washer fluid levels, a dirty windshield during a melt can be extremely dangerous. Keep your cell phone handy and have an emergency kit, just in case one of the famous April or May blizzards hits. Or of course you can just put skate blades on.