Track Material Sorting

Track Material Sorting to Recycle for Relay or Scrap

Over the years On-Track has sorted every type of track material for relay or scrap. No matter the scope and size of the project, On-Track will utilize manpower and machinery to sort anything from rail, ties and OTM into whatever category you need. We even take care of the scrap metal, concrete and wood for you.

On-Track has in the past used various pieces of machinery to automate the sorting process with a production line method that is able to process high volumes of material. We have successfully sorted hundreds of thousands of ties into stockpiles of scrap, landscape and relay quality ties. Stockpiles can either be loose or in bundles.

We can process a pile of OTM and recover the desired material for reuse. The relay material can be bulk, bagged or bundled onto pallets.

With On-Track’s track material sorting services you get:

  • The right amount of manpower and machinery for the size of the project.
  • Materials sorted into desired categories and requested packaging.
  • A mobile, self sufficient production line.